Annie’s Natural/Organic Food Outlet

Annie’s Natural/Organic Food Outlet

The Annie’s Homegrown Company makes a variety of organic and natural food products . They are committed to quality as well as keeping up environmental issues. The company cares about who they are purchasing ingredients from and what is in the food that they provide for their customers. Annie’s uses only natural and organic ingredients from small growers to make all their products.

Annie’s Homegrown Natural and Organic products are available nationwide at major grocery stores, natural food stores, club stores, and online through The initial product line was based on variety of Natural & Organic macaroni and cheese products. Its new line is packing wholesome goodness into breakfast cereals made from whole grains such as oats and corn, with seventy percent organic ingredients and 0 grams of trans or saturated fats. Three flavor varieties and kid-friendly shapes offer a whole new way to enjoy Annie’s. Other products include: Natural & Organic Macaroni & Cheese; Organic Canned Pasta; Organic Skillet Meals; Pasta Meals; Cheddar Bunnies; Bunny Graham; Crackers; Fruit Snack Mix; Breakfast Cereals.

Although the Annie’s is currently located in Napa Valley, the company plans to relocate/expand to Berkeley, CA.

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What’s the Deal with Organic Foods? Part 1

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Nutrition by Natalie What is the difference between organic food and conventional food? Is organic really more healthy for you? The USDA lays out certain guidelines that farms have to follow in order to be able to claim the food is organic. In this video Natalie discusses what each of those guidelines are. What is surprising to learn is some of the growing practices of conventional farming and food processing. As an example, chemical plants and waste water treatment facilities will actually sell their toxic waist to conventional farms to use for fertilizer. What you eat is an important part of health and nutrition.

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Im doing a debate, and my group got non organic food. Its harder than organic food because there arent alot of facts we can defend on. But is there any benefits on why organic food is better than non organic food? Or than the price… thank u
i ment to say other than the price**

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Whole Foods Market China Organic California blend ?

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I was shocked to watch ABC I-Team news about your organic products. The show pointed out how you have been deceiving your customers for years including me. Your products stated certified organic Californian etc while it printed with small letters in the back Made in China. We all know the Chinese products are not certified organic by FDA and there is no way you can insist they are. LINK TO ORIGINAL STORY: LINK TO WHOLE FOODS ORGANIC INGREDIENTS THEY SELL: Other site with less lethal search engine

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Organic Food . . .?

Why is organic food more expensive? What happens to it when being grown/produced that means it has to cost more than it’s non organic opposite?

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Is Eating Organic Food Important?

No matter where I go, or who I talk to, the most common questions about healthy foods that get are these… Why should I eat organic food vs conventional? Are organic foods really better than conventional foods? How do I know that I’m not being scammed? You’d think that with the scientific evidence that pesticides are harmful and organics have more nutrients than conventional foods that people would start switching over. But it’s not the case. I read in a magazine recently that 98% of the population still doesn’t eat organics (who knows if that number is right or not, but even if it’s 70%, it’s still a big deal!) Many of you who read this blog, are in that other 2%, but we still want our friends, family members and fellow humans to be healthy and not suffer from unnecessary toxic load. So I’ve created a demonstration, that hopefully we can share that may change our perspective on the importance of organic foods…

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Organic food?

I buy organic food all the time, it’s pricey but I’d rather eat organic food. My question is why do we have to pay for organic food ? Shouldn’t everyone be able to eat organic ?

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Why organic food?

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Are we emotianally prepared for dealing with insects, greens or bugs in our food on the plate?

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Grocery Store Wars (2005)

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Not long ago in a supermarket not so far away. Help fight the dark side of the farm. Rate the film, favorite the film, comment the film and subscribe to our channel for the freshest Free Range films.

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